About Us


Thunderbird Composite Squadron is one of many squadrons serving under the command Texas Wing Civil Air Patrol.  As a composite squadron the unit’s membership consist of both cadet (12-21 years old) and senior members (18 years old and older). This squadron performs the tactical application of all three of Civil Air Patrol’s Congressionally mandated missions: Aerospace EducationCadet Programs, and Emergency Services.

Mission Statement: Supporting America’s communities with emergency response, diverse aviation and ground services, youth development, and promotion of air, space and cyber power.

Vision Statement: To achieve that mission, the Civil Air Patrol has a vision: Civil Air Patrol, America’s Air Force Auxiliary, building the nation’s finest force of citizen volunteers performing Missions for America.

Core Values: Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, Respect

Motto: Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant)

March: “The C.A.P. is on the Go”

National Headquarters: Maxwell Air Force Base

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