Thunderbird Visits The USS Cavalla

ARTICLE BY: Cadet Faith Marquez

Galveston, TX February 21, 2015 – February 22, 2015, Members of Thunderbird Composite Squadron had the opportunity to visit the USS Cavalla, a submarine from World War II. They drove to Galveston on Saturday evening to see this preserved piece of history. Their visit started with a tour through the Submarine, which included an inspection of the inside of the Cavalla’s torpedo room. Afterward the cadets were able to explore the sub freely visiting the living quarters and roaming the corridors that were once home to U.S. Navy Soldiers.

Thunderbirds spent the night aboard the Destroyer escort, USS Stewart, and slept in the same racks the crew used during World War II. The USS Stewart is one of only two surviving U.S. Destroyer escorts. The ship now sits near the Cavalla at Seawolf Park.

Seawolf Park is a memorial to the lost USS Seawolf. Every state in the U.S. has a memorial park to honor a lost submarine crew. The USS Cavalla and USS Stewart stand in Seawolf park as Texas’tribute to the lost USS Seawolf and a memorial to all Navy crews and submarines lost in the second World War.


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