ARTICLE BY: Capt. Kale LeBlanc, CAP

Brookshire, TX – November 9, 2014, a special tribute was paid to members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. On Veteran’s Day, we took a moment to honor all of those that served our country.

On this Veteran’s Day, the colors of each branch of the military were reverently carried by the members of the Thunderbird Color Guard at a moving ceremony at the Brookshire United Methodist Church. Cadets Kyler Hearn, Joshua Gates, Dinah Gates, Robert Smead, Rachel Lee, Lance Saunders, and Zachariah Lexa carried the flag of each branch of the military while the branches’ song was played for the audience. Family members of current and deceased service members stood and remembered the sacrifice of their loved ones as the colors of each branch of the armed services passed down the aisle of the church under the steady poise of a Cadet.

In this small town on the outskirts of Houston proper, life is a little slower than the big city. People take the time to cherish the real heroes in life and every year to pause and remember them. The Thunderbird squadron is proud to be a part of this sacred tradition by displaying the military customs and courtesies that have been passed down over the years. Wearing the uniform, carrying the flag, and saluting those men and women who make up our military, it’s what makes us proud to be Americans and members of Civil Air Patrol.



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TX-179 Thunderbird Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

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To serve America by performing Homeland Security and humanitarian missions for our communities, states, and nation; developing our country's youth; and educating our citizens on the importance of air and space power.
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Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, Respect

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